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Help the Environment

We also have another alternative ecological hydrocrete system in concrete permeable and contributes to improve the temperatures and the environment, this roadways are achieved with chemical additives that disperse the aggregates based on gravel in the curing phase and with a quality superior to the asphalted and with a long lifespan, we have a variety of colors adjusted to the design preferences of your project.

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We offer a system of ecological and permeable grids, they are a solution to replace asphalt and concrete, in many projects it is a more economical solution depending on the terrain conditions, but the most important thing is that they help the environment and lower the surrounding temperatures by allowing the waters to return to the aquifer mantle.

In green projects, beach or country villas, they help the ecology, the gravalock grids are made of virgin plastics, from the waste of the automotive industry, eliminating waste of materials and turn it into a quality road solution, with a resistance capacity of up to 60 tons x mt2, which allows the gravel to be compacted.