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Design Your Project

We have looked for solutions to facilitate the execution of the projects, with materials that provide different alternatives for the completion and design of your project.

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We have lines of attic floors for outdoor and deck areas, synthetic wood for carpentry with different thickness measurements, galvanized insulated panels, (with insulators for different temperatures and acoustics), for any type of building or roof, panels for cold rooms and panels of facades, panels in lightweight concrete, we have several products such as: blocks for divisions, reinforced panels divisions, panels of mezzanine, this technology allows the easy mobility of the handling of these pieces, being four times lighter than concrete, they are atermicos helping to maintain the reduced temperatures and contributes to the energy saving and a long useful life.

In green projects or beach or country villas, these material help the ecology of the area. gravalock grids are made of virgin plastics, from the waste of the automotive industry, eliminating that waste of materials to turn it into a quality road solution, with a resistance capacity of up to 60 tons x mt2, which allows the gravel is compacted in this system.

Synthetic materials (plastic) for water and high quality electrical, we can supply them by orders such as: water and electrical registers, electrical insulators for line poles, building forms, manhole covers or drains, drain grid and the molds could be manufactured by order for any requirement of a project.